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I am a repeat customer and normally don’t give product reviews for average products, but this is an exception. The packaging is the best I have seen. I take delivery in California about 3-4 days away and still the items are frozen solid upon arrival. I have tried the beef, lamb and chicken. The chicken reminds me of the way it used to taste when I was young. The skin is thin and cooks up crispy and the meat is moist and flavorful. I most like there is no added water or chemicals to dilute/pollute the natural chicken flavor. The beef has a very clean taste (but a little too lean, reminds me of the old saying “where’s the beef” well in this case where’s the fat?) and cooks up wonderfully. If you love lamb you simply must try theirs.  You can always tell if an animal was fed naturally when you examine the fat, their lamb fat is so clean and pure and the meat has a very mild taste.  Thanks for the high quality products and great service, keep both going and you will always have eager customers like me coming back.  Len B, Hinckley, CA

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