Stuffed Lamb Chops

I recently made Stuffed Lamb Chops and wanted to share the recipe with you, as they were absolutely delicious. I started with herb seasoned stuffing, and added craisins and pine nuts. In a skillet I sauteed chopped celery, onions, and a generous amount of fresh garlic in butter until softened. In a separate bowl I mixed an egg with about a quarter to half cup of water, added the sauteed vegetables, and then added that mixture to the stuffing, craisins and pine nuts.

After lightly oiling a glass baking pan I placed a layer of chops on the bottom and covered them with stuffing, adding another layer of chops, then another layer of stuffing, until all the chops and stuffing were used. I covered the dish and baked this delight at 350 degrees for about an hour, serving them with baked sweet potatoes and a spinach salad. Try it out yourself – I do not think you will be disappointed. In fact, I think you will be amazed at how easy it is to “dish up” this truly gourmet meal.

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