We offer Free Range, Organic Chicken from our producing partner, Sweetwater Creek Chicken. These birds are humanely raised and fed a healthy diet of organic non GMO grains with no animal by-products, and are never given growth hormones or antibiotics. There are no synthetic chemicals used, including fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics, or food additives, and no genetically modified grains or irradiation. Their supplemental feed is comprised of 65% corn and 30% soy, with the balance being vitamins and minerals. The chickens have access to outdoor areas that include ample water and shade. Their natural behaviors are enriched with bales of straw (used for pecking) and eucalyptus tree branches (used for playing and hiding).

Prices do not include shipping costs. To help offset some or all of your shipping costs, you will receive 5% off any order of $200 or more, and 10% off any order of $300 or more! Discounts apply to all cuts and packages, as well as quarters, halves and wholes, unless otherwise noted. This discount will be applied when your order is shipped and invoiced.

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