Why GrassRoots Meats?

grass finished beef for saleAt GrassRoots Meats we work very hard to produce the highest quality grass-finished beef and lamb for sale, a product that we are proud of.  We get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that our animals are living their lives on lush green grasses, moving freely and soaking up the sunshine.  These animals are processed by a small local packer and are marketed directly to area families, as well as shipped and delivered throughout the country.  We like to think of the folks who enjoy our meat not as “customers” or “consumers,” but as family, friends, and neighbors.  We hope that once you try our meat you will be glad you got back to your “GrassRoots”.

When it comes to choosing rich tasting beef and lamb, grass-finished is the answer. The flavor of beef or lamb is determined by what the animal has eaten. Picture an animal on a highly diverse sward of grasses and legumes — a virtual salad bar of a diet. No one component dominates and as a result you have a wonderfully healthy yield of nutrients in the meat which translates into a delicious flavor.  Our animals graze on natural grasses in the high mountain pastures of the Rocky Mountains, producing a flavor that is superb and a tenderness that will not disappoint.

Meat that is naturally raised and finished on grass the way God intended is very nutritious and healthy for you.  It is high in Omega 3’s, CLA, vitamins A & E, and low in saturated fat.  And the risk of Mad Cow Disease and E.coli are almost non-existent.

Hormone implants can add toughness to meat, and grain can strip away its natural flavors. We use neither on our animals.  Steak sauce…ketchup…marinades…they all serve to add flavor back to commodity beef. Not necessary with the natural, rich flavor of grass-finished beef.

Our beef is hung and dry-aged for 10 to 14 days, the old way.  Almost any chef will tell you that if you want a good steak it needs to be dry-aged.  This process gives the meat a delicious flavor rich in juices, and a texture and tenderness not found in meat aged by other methods, and especially compared with those that have not been aged at all.  After the aging process is completed the meat is cut and processed by professionals to ensure lasting flavor and freshness.

Leaner- Low Carb

Omega 3 & CLA

Vitamin A,E

Low Risk of E.coli, Mad Cow

Free of Hormones / Antibiotics

Our Aging Process

Meat Quality/ Genetics

We encourage you to View Our Testimonials to see what others think about us!

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