No added Hormones/Antibiotics

Grass Fed Beef Advantages – Free of Synthetic Hormones and Antibiotics

The wholesale use of synthetic hormones in commercially raised cattle has been a common practice in this country for decades. In simple terms, hormone implants are used to increase the size and weight of the animal.  In the commercial cattle industry weight equates into dollars, which in turn translates into higher profitability for the producer. There are volumes of studies that cite both the pros and the cons on the practice of implanting livestock with growth hormones. From a common sense standpoint, one should ask himself the following question:  “Would you allow your children or yourself to take synthetic growth hormones at any level?”  Probably not, so why would anyone want to consume meat from livestock that has been implanted or injected with growth hormones.

Antibiotics inhibit bacteria and are commonly fed in low levels to livestock to increase growth and fight infections associated with confinement in feedlots. An article in The New England Journal of Medicine suggested that the use of antibiotics in livestock feed can result in transfer to humans of bacteria (salmonella) strains resistant to antibiotics. Antibiotic use in livestock production has not been definitively proven to harm human health but it will continue to be a major issue for consumers.

Cattle that spend their lives on clean, open range rarely if ever have a need for antibiotics.  Our practice is this – if we need to doctor an animal with antibiotics they will be culled from the herd and never wear the label of GrassRoots Meats. It only makes sense that if given the choice a person would choose a product free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics.  With GrassRoots Meats you can feel safe because we do not subscribe to the practice of using hormone implants or antibiotics.

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