Meat Quality/ Genetics

Many folks have spoken with us about their bad experiences with grass-fed beef from other producers. The question is, “Is there a difference between our meat and theirs?” The answer is “Yes!”

Our animals are selected for their genetic predisposition to finishing well on grass. We purchase our seed stock from producers whose progeny stretches back well over 25 years, and who have preserved a genetic line of animals that finish well on grass. More often than not these animal lines are from English breeds such as Hereford, Angus and Shorthorns, and are smaller in frame size, an important characteristic in early finish.

It is also little known that cattle actually have a tenderness gene, some to a greater extent than others. Our bulls have been tested for this gene and rank very high, thus producing not only flavorful meat but also meat that is tender. Not only that, because of the gentle way that we handle our animals the lack of stress allows the meat to attain a higher quality and tenderness than the meat from animals that are in adverse conditions, transported often, and handled in a rougher fashion. In addition, our meat is dry aged for up to 2 weeks, also adding to the tenderness and flavor.

The quality of our program improves each year as we retain breeding heifers from our own stock to use in the program. Allan is constantly researching bulls to make sure that we have the best genetics in our breeding program. It is our goal to have the finest quality grass-finished meat at prices that are affordable to any family. Thanks for being part of that family.

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