“Thank YOU!  Our family is having a chicken and one of your great quality tasting Chuck Roasts for Thanksgiving…. So among other reasons to be thankful today we are thankful for your beef!  We put slices of garlic in the roast and it’s filling the air with a homey good smell!  We will have great gravy too! Our family has been blessed to have access to eat healthier food so that we will be more fit to do what God has called us to do.”   Mrs. Robin Day, Arizona

I’m in Utah (near Salt Lake City) and I ordered some beef (mostly chuck roasts and ground beef) a bit ago – I never wrote back to tell you we really love it.  I’m so glad we’ve found you!  I’m glad you’re enjoying The Omnivore’s Dilemma – in fact, it’s what made me go looking for grass fed beef in the first place.  I’m so happy that I can get beef from your farm that tastes great and I can feel good about eating and feeding to my family.”  Stephanie Ozenne, West Jordan, UT

Although we’ve been away from our farm and grass fed beef for many years, we certainly remembered the excellent taste when savoring your beef and lamb. We have had the lamb chops and tonite the ribeye. They were excellent!!. Thanks for caring about the environment and our health! “ Margaret Hurd, Monte Vista, CO

“Having ordered from several other grass fed beef enterprises, I decided to give Grassroots a try, just as comparison.  I ordered hamburger meat, which is kind of like ordering enchiladas at a brand new Mexican restaurant. If hamburger is good, the rest is too.  I was amazed at how good the hamburger meat from Grassroots was. It is very lean, incredibly fresh smelling, and has a wonderful taste, just like the burgers I ate when I was a kid in western Oklahoma, where we raised our own grassfed beef, although we didn’t call it that.  Grassroots is my place to order for good beef now. Good meat, good people, good service. You can’t lose.”  Joy Kelley, Albuquerque, NM

“The beef arrived today – still frozen. We had some for dinner and it was awesome!  My husband said it was the best hamburger he had ever had – and I’m sure he’s had a few hamburgers in his lifetime!  The teens loved it too. Thank you so much for raising such great tasting and healthy grass-finished beef!”  Sharon Wilson, Ft. Collins, CO

“The other day we were eating hamburgers:
Linda (mom): Do you like your hamburger?
Noble (3): Yes, it’s very good. Thank you Daddy.
Emmy (7): Don’t thank Daddy. Thank the Grassroots people.

The Alexander’s, Denver, CO

Our son has both Type 1 Diabetes and celiac disease.  Because of one or both of them (probably the celiac), he can no longer eat the grain-finished antibiotic/hormone free beef that we used to buy.  For some reason his body reacts to it as if he had eaten gluten.  But your meat is both tasty and well tolerated.  No reactions, just good nutrition.  We love your roasts, and we make wonderful jerky with your meat, too.  Not to mention your wonderful customer service!”  Christie & John Blankfield, Grants, NM

“We began looking for grass-fed beef for three reasons: 1) to accommodate an allergy to corn; 2) to restrict the number of grain products consumed in our diets and 3) to eliminate the chemical additives present in so much over-the-counter meat. We find Grass Roots beef exceeds our expectations for lean, tender, healthy meat.  Our first night with the new order, we enjoyed rib eye steak with no steak sauce–it was YUMMY!  We appreciate the Higgins’s customer service in making the three-plus hour drive to deliver orders for several clients in Albuquerque.Dianne & Doug Bremmer Bailey, Albuquerque, NM

Linda is making me write this right now because we just finished eating the lamb steak. She was skeptical, not thinking she cared much for lamb, but has declared that this is the best lamb she’s ever had. We both loved it. It was excellent.”  Mitch & Linda Alexander, Denver, CO

Wanted to let you know that we have tried the beef and the lamb and they are truly excellent.  The butcher did a terrific job in cutting and packaging our order.  It has been many years since I had such great tasting lamb.”  Mary Harlow, Arvada, CO

“I just wanted to send you a quick note on how much we love the grassfed beef.  We are very happy with the ground beef, which was a problem for us, in the past, with other companies.”  Nancy Geske, Erie, CO

“We had the New York strips Thursday evening and I made hamburgers last night – both excellent.  I am only disappointed I could not fit a whole beef in my freezer – then I would have that really good feeling!”  Cathy & Joe Edens, La Veta, CO

We love your meat.  Wilfred is so grateful for it as we had been eating chicken for 2 weeks (while waiting for their latest beef order to be delivered).  We agree that we would rather eat chicken everyday than eat grocery store beef.  Thank you again!”  Jeanette & Wilfred Cronk, Edgewood, NM.

“GrassRoots has the best steak that I have personally eaten in three years. It has a wonderful flavor and is perfect for the grill.”  Christy Perishables, Manager, Durango Natural Foods, Durango, CO

The beef was wonderfully flavored and tender.  I much prefer to eat healthy and it’s important to me that this beef is without hormones, antibiotics, or other substances that could long term impact my health negatively. Keep up the good work GrassRoots.”  Linda Ricca, Houston, TX

“I am very delighted to have the opportunity to offer “Grass Roots Meats” to our customers. I take pride in knowing these choice cuts of beef and lamb have superior health benefits with the assurance that nothing “unnatural” is ever added. What you see if what you get. Once you taste the fullness of its rich flavor, you’ll be back for more!”  Ruth Earley, Asst. Buyer, Joy’s Natural Foods, Pagosa Springs, CO

Grassroots Meats has the variety and top-notch quality our customers have come to expect. Our store is committed to the best natural foods, including humanely raised, drug-free meats and Grassroots Meats delivers. Delicious, nutritious and without the unneccesary chemicals- we are delighted to offer Grassroots Meats to our clientele.”  Bill Boardman, Manager, Nature’s Oasis, Durango, CO.

We have a 5th wheel camper, so we took some steaks with us and had a cookout with my daughter and son-in-law while we were there. Those steaks are fantastic. I think this is some of the best beef we have ever had.”  Gary Hardesty, Carlsbad, NM

Just wanted to let you know that the meat we got from you was  ”Outstanding”—it was the best we have had. We will be coming back.”  Brian and Mary Beringer, Deming, NM

Last night I had my first steak.  I was very impressed and it was GREAT!  I’ll have another tonight.  We were really pleased with the packaging also.  So far I give the meat a 10, service and quality a 10, and the service.”   Jack Harmon, Deming, NM

Bernie and I put some tenderloins, a flank and a round steak on the grill last night (we wanted to get a sample of a few).  I just finished off my tenderloin for lunch.  The meat was tender and delicious.  It’s remarkable how there is distinctively less fat than in beef bought in the store.  I’m happy with our purchase and look forward to eating our way through the 100 pounds we have left!”   Marie Bailey, Colorado Springs, CO

“I haven’t eaten much of what I received from you yet, but have been thrilled with the quality of everything I’ve tried. The hamburger is the best I’ve ever tasted! And it’s wonderful to be able to eat hamburger cooked to the rare that I prefer but am afraid of in store bought beef.  The lamb was also excellent. And my dogs are enjoying the soup bones and I made some great stock too.  You have a new, regular customer.  Thank you so much!”  Kayla Block, Las Vegas, NV

“Wow, we just had steaks on the grill from the meat I ordered a few  weeks back.  They are the best steaks I ever purchased!  Everyone tried them (I only cooked 2) and we are all in agreement, they are the best!  I also made a pot roast the other day with a roast from the package and that to got everyone’s approval.  So, I will be ordering from you all from now on, thank you for raising such a good product.  I will tell others.”  Lee Elrod, Buffalo Creek, CO

“So among many other reasons to be thankful today we are thankful for your beef! We put slices of garlic in the roast and its filling the air with homey good smell! We will have great gravy too! Our family has been blessed to have access to eat healthier food so that we will be more fit do what God has called us to do. Blessings to you, In Christ”  Mrs. Robin Day and family

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